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Manjalikkulam, Thiruvananthapuram-01

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Secretary & Chief Executive : Shri.Arun Varghese

Kerala Ration Dealer's Welfare Fund Scheme

This is a scheme formulated by Government as per the provisions of Kerala Ration Dealers Welfare Fund Act, 1988 for implementing welfare measures for the Ration Dealers . The Fund constituted as per the scheme is managed by a governing body with Commissioner of Civil Supplies as ex-officio Chairman and 10 members. 

     The Fund is raised with the subscription of Ration Dealers (members) which is at present Rs.200/- per month. At the time of enrolment, a membership fee of Rs.100 /- is also collected. Now there are  13970 live members.

     A Deputy Controller of Rationing from the Department of Civil Supplies functions as the Chief Executive Officer of the Fund with 5 supporting ministerial staff.

The following schemes are implemented under the scheme:

    • Pension
      Members who have completed 62 years of age with minimum period of 10 years service are entitled to pension as soon as they cease to be dealers . The amount of pension is Rs 1500/- per month W.E.F 01/06/2016. The pension amount is disbursed quarterly by way of Money Order at their expense on the fifth working day of every succeeding quarter. At present there are 1085 pensioners.
      Lump sum of Payment
    • (i) In the event of death of a member before attaining the age of 70, the legal heirs/nominees are paid a lump sum amount ranging from Rs.10000/- to Rs 40000/- based on the number of completed years of membership.

      (ii) In the event of death of a member after completing the age of 70 or due to cessation of membership, the legal heirs / nominees / members are paid a lumpsum amount ranging from Rs.620/- to Rs.40000/- based on the number of completed years of membership.
    • Medical Assistance
      A member who sustains injury, physical disability or grievous hurt in an accident is given financial assistance upto Rs.5000/-.Medical assistance upto Rs.25000/- is also sanctioned to the members or their family members for transplantation of kidney, cardiac surgery, limb fitting or for treatment of fatal diseases like cancer.
    • Educational Scholarships
      Three students (children of the members) each who secure highest marks in SSLC and Higher Secondary examinations are paid scholarship @ Rs.5000/-.
    • Interest Free Loans
      Interest free loans are given to the members who have completed five years of membership and have a minimum deposit of Rs.2500/- at their credit.